On-line entry for any service

Price: 2990 rubles.
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The module includes a component that allows you to arrange online entry on any service. The component supports recording point selection, convenient editing of the records directly on the site is made available to the ad hoc group of editors records.

The module contains the option high load on online entry, if this option is enabled, the SSE technology will be used, which will instantly notify both users and administrators of new entry and, even if blocking a user just opened the form.

The module focuses on both the PC and the Tablet and mobile devices supported Thaci, slides.

Also in the delivery included two templates with adaptive layout slider dates and forms, the following templates:

  1. The first template allows you to select the first point of entry, and then time. ( You can see it here )
  2. In the second template, you must first select the time you want to record, and then point available. ( You can see it here )

The module is available for any version of bitriksa, but because the form is used to record, for installation on versions of "first" and "start", you must additionally install the solution   Forms of information blocks .

The supply module included demo data that allow you to quickly deal with the organization of work.

In the demo data includes:

  1. Several points of entry.
  2. The group of editors.
  3. User group of editors.

After installing the module, install the online component suitable for your page and start accepting applications.

If you want to take online applications with support for high-load, turn on the component the option "Enable lock".