Forms of information blocks

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The module includes a component that allows you to organize any form on the site, even if you have the first Edition site "or" start ".

Any shape can be created, ranging from the simplest feedback: "NAME", "phone", ending with the complex form with a bunch of fields and processing files.

In the delivery of the module enabled Adaptive template.

When you add a result form will automatically be sent an email to the administrative e-mail about new entries, and, if you specify a property of a custom e-mail'a, sent a letter to the user fills out a form successfully.

The component is used in module   Universal service records online   for first editions site "and" start ".

Add information, along with any fields that you are interested in.

Select a module, and then add the site component for convenient page. In the settings of the component, specify the information that you have added. All configuration is complete.