Forgotten Basket notifications

Forgotten Basket notifications
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The module allows you to automatically inform users of a series of letters about " the forgotten basket." "Forgotten basket" - is the automatic writing, or, in other words, e-mail- trigger. Used to return customers to your website, thereby increasing conversion.

Imagine. You go to an online store, choose the right product and put it in the basket. And somehow close the store's website, not buying goods. You change your mind, you are distracted, the other store is cheaper and better. In general, you've gone and & laquo; forgotten & raquo; items in the cart.

If you are logged in this online store, he knows your email address. According to statistics, 50 % are authorized visitors. The shop will automatically sends you a reminder of what items you forgot. This is a letter & laquo; Forgotten basket & raquo ;.

You can customize emails at different intervals (from 10 minutes to several days ), sent by the specified time after the user who added items to cart, leaving the site does not order it.

You can add a coupon code in a letter, which will be automatically generated for the user and is valid on all products in the catalog.

After installation solutions, go to the link module settings, or manually: "Services" - "Forgotten basket".

Create a new message or change the existing demo data.

Specify the number of minutes after the absence of the user on the site it will be sent a letter of non- basket.

You can specify the email templates, or use ready.

It is also possible to use the coupon in the letter, with automatic creation.

In the standard solutions are letters 3: 15 minutes after the user has left the site, after 40 minutes and 24 hours.